Meet Emily, the owner and founder of Love Living Holistics. Emily is a passionate holistic lifestyle practitioner specializing in life coaching, beauty and reiki energy healing. She graduated from Wheaton College with her BA in Women’s Studies. Emily has been working in the beauty world since the age of 16 and has a wide knowledge and love of quality beauty products but more importantly, a love of connecting with others and assisting them in feeling beautiful and embodied. 

After obtaining her esthetics license in Florida and then Rhode Island, Emily moved back to her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island and began her own independent esthetics practice, Emily Perkins Esthetics. With a strong dedication to her clients and a deep holistic philosophy of offering a whole being experience, Emily built a well known reputation of excellence. As a born healer and empath, Emily could feel the pull of her spirit to explore the energy transfer happening in her treatments, which lead her to reiki. In 2013 Emily received her Reiki I certification which opened up a world of spiritual and personal expansion and exploration. Over the years to come she dove deeply into “the work”. She traveled to places like Guatemala and Costa Rica to work with other healers and shamans, completed Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and eventually her Master certification. She is now an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master and has begun teaching reiki certification courses to pass on the magic of reiki.

In 2016 Emily created the female entrepreneurs’ networking group, Who Run The World to foster connection, love and support amongst female entrepreneurs and is the host of the hit show Love Living Radio on the Transformation Network! She is truly passionate about supporting and empowering others in deepening their relationship with themselves and finding the power and wisdom of their spirit.

In 2016 Emily also attended Accomplishment Coaching, one of the finest coach training programs in the world. This next level of education and transformation clearly brought to light the next phase of her purpose of assisting others in igniting their whole being through the power of ontological coaching. Each part of her path has lead her to the next, organically building and expanding her understanding of herself and ability to support others in their own journey. She has built a flourishing, holistic, love-based lifestyle practice incorporating beauty, reiki and coaching and rebranded as Love Living Holistics.

It is her purpose and passion in this life to support others in feeling and being their best selves, to assist them in lifting the weight of whatever is getting in the way in order for them to embrace their essence and the fullness of who they are. All of her services work to bring forth the beauty from within and allow it to radiate outward. For Emily, its is a profound honor to partner with her clients in as she says, “treasure hunting” their inner world to uncover the gold that lives within and ignite their whole being. 


Asa Angel is a certified Reiki Master, yoga + meditation teacher, and intuitive guide. She utilizes the knowledge of ancient spiritual traditions coupled with modern science to bring about deep transformation. She specializes in working with people who are dealing with physical ailments, stress & anxiety, major life transitions, and processing past trauma. Her work strives to help each person find their own individual sense of balance, health, and peace to overcome barriers and create new realities for themselves.

In a session, Asa facilitates a level of relaxation in your mind and body that creates the space for authentic change while providing tools to help you release old patterns and live your fullest life. She works strategically to combine the benefits of various holistic practices to create a unique and comprehensive approach to your being. A private session with Asa will leave you feeling stress-free, safe, open and understood along with action steps to take into the week after your session.

Asa was named after her great-grandfather, Asa Angel, who descended from Samuel Angell. The name "Asa" originates from Hebrew and means healer or physician, while "angel" comes from Greek meaning spirit messenger. Through her practice she works to bring you messages from your inner self to encourage healing on multiple levels. 


Maggie Drayton is an entrepreneur from Rhode Island that currently resides in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Her mission is to be of service by helping humans identify and define their personal freedom and then take the plunge. A big believer in the law of attraction, Maggie , Believes that no dream is too big and with a set design for living and manifesting, anything is achievable.


With the help of some timely teachers, literature, and  a rigorous meditation/visualization practice, She transformed from a dirt poor art teacher and filmmaker to a financially independent producer and business woman.

Maggie has dedicated 2018 to growing her business and her personal practice through an advanced Leadership Development Training, offered by the COR experience, based in San Francisco, California. The LDT combines ancient wisdom traditions with cutting edge modern methodologies of psychology to train its students  to facilitate one-on-one and group healing sessions. 


When she's not working, you can find her travelling, somewhere on the water, advancing creative projects,  reading tarot, curating spaces, or caring for gardens and animals. She has a masters in producing from University of Miami as well as a love for all things spiritual and metaphysical.

Email us for more information: asamarieangel@gmail.com

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